True Awakening is Born Of Prayer And Meditation


The basic problem with a person is that he has no clear conception of what he really wants. To achieve his aim of life he spent the whole of it in the continuous search of various means. The root cause of man’s worries in hisinabity to dicide about an aim. An aimless person is directionless and one who is directionless always remains dissatisfied. What does a person want from life? He has to understand. What does a person want from life if he could advance towards prayer and meditation. He would be able to know that the fundamental cause of all man’s womans and troubless in in his ignorance. What is meditation? Concentration is not meditation because one can concentrate on an object of one’s liking or choice more easily such persons could be cruel also for example when an army commander plans for war and mass killing. His mind is full of concrete and so is that of a business man. Who plans for amassing wealth concentrate means continuity of an idea, emotion or action. If a person likes something his mind naturally and effortlessly concentrate. Such a concentration is not meditation. But simply boycott of what you dislike so what is meditation? Meditation is awakening and true awakening is meditation. Where is prayer, entreaty and begging. There is awakening is the root of the basic motivation of meditation as and when deep awakening appears in us we experience freedom clarity and feeling of oneness with the supreme

Value of people

Value of people who helps you. Helping others is benevolent act. Not everyone is capable of that. It takes effort, leaving ones comfort zone and often a lot of prioritising, not every one will do that for you and those who do should be revered. Because by agreeing to selflessly go that extra mile for you they touch you in ways that no one easily can and restore your faith in humanity, friends and everything else that others vouch for but never comply with
Love, friends and relationship should not be a friendships
Should not be a bargain or exchange, they should be unconditional. The saddest are those who count their efforts and make you count them too whenever they find the chance. I honestly wonder if there is any real relationship left in the world outside ones family. The one we often take for granted and value the least